Month: November 2018

Smoking is injurious to health is a message we see way too often around us. in the movies, advertisements, offices, schools, and many other areas. However, people who really love their cigarettes find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to quit this addictive habit.

I go to payspi to read more on how I can help my near and dear ones to quit this habit. Here are some ways to help you too:

Get A Buddy

Just like you go for a smoke with a buddy when at work or outside, get a buddy to help you stop. This friend can be the one who keeps a tab on your smoking frequency. If this friend is at work, where you spend the most part of your day, you can let them have your pack of cigarettes and take one at a time from them. This way they will know how many you are smoking in a day and slowly help you cut it down. Also when you have a nonsmoking friend, you will have new things to do and keep you occupied during your breaks.


Keep a journal and record the events of the day and your reactions to it. When one is withdrawing from an addiction, they often show withdrawal symptoms. While it can be bad for many, some even see immediate benefits. Recording the positives and negatives of your day once you start cutting down on your smoking, will let you see how life is changing. Over a period of time, you will see how you start benefiting.


Increase your exercise if you are already exercising. When you smoke regularly, your lungs get affected, thus affecting your breathing and stopping you from exercising too hard. When you increase your exercise, it works harder on your lungs. This will be a motivation for you to stop smoking as it will improve your lung capacity and make it easier for you to catch up with your exercises.