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Genetics plays a big role in how thick a man’s beard can grow. However, not everyone can have a dark beard this is where beard-growing products come into play. Whether having a beard is the news style statement or not, growing beard is man’s right. My husband looked at one website and said: “I found cheaper beard balm vs oil.”

  • The must-have product to have an excellent beard is a beard balm product. This helps in maintaining the looks and feel of beard impact. In the initial days of growth of beard, there is a lot of uneasiness on the face that is caused due to the facial hair.Using the balm will nourish the beard and reduce the irritation. Since the beard is thick and rough the skin under the beard is very itchy this also will reduce after using this product. It will help the beard hair stay moist and help in growth.
  • As we all know to groom our head hair we have to comb it very often similarly having a comb for your beard is equally essential. There are varieties in this as well. Depending on what kind of beard you have you can choose from round comb, long or short comb and many more. There are also comb that have teeth that are far apart and teeth that are small and near. People who have long beard must choose a comb with wide width teeth to remove the knots and thin teeth comb for short beard. Combs are available in different materials depending on which the price differs. The comb is used to spread the moisturizer evenly in the beard.
  • Using oils specifically made for beard will provide protection to the skin. It is important to choose all-natural oil because unlike the hair on the head, facial hair is very rough and by using the oil which is also known as conditioner has two effects one is it softens and keeps facial hair moist and the other is it keeps the skin also nourished.

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