Turn your restaurant around with a Sous Vide Machine

You would have come across the word ‘sous vide’ on many of the restaurant’s menu. Cooking it sous vide means the food would be sealed and then emerged in a water bath which is temperature controlled. Finally, the food would be cooked as the recipe states. There are times one has to wait for more than an hour for the frozen meat to be at room temperature to start your cooking.  When you cook the frozen meat in souse vide machine it is just like cooking a fresh meat.   Listed below are few of the benefits why it is important for a restaurant to own a sous vide machine.

  • Prepping the meal is very easy- With help of sous vide machine one can easily prep meal for a huge number of people.
  • You can serve incredibly juicy chicken – more juicer than the meat which has been only fried
  • When you cook it along with herbs, the machine helps in extracting the maximum flavor and thus resulting in a mind-blowing
  • It gives ample time for the meat to absorb all the flavors
  • It lets the chicken to slightly fry and helps in creating a crunchy crust. Also, it uses up very less oil.
  • Every time the meat would be perfectly cooked.
  • Not only meat, veggies, and poultry you could cook in these sous vide machine, but you can also make yummy desserts on this machine too.

There are affordable sous vide machines available on the market. With the machine in your restaurant, one has to only buy the meat, veggies or poultry in bulk, divide them into individual servings and put it in the individual airtight bag along with the spices, herb, and oil. Then you could use it whenever required. The perfect dish all the way.