The Top Ways Science Can Help the Environment

Get environmentally educated and eco-friendly, this holiday season. It’s the need of the hour. Science and technology, as we know, can be utilized successfully to help the environment get better. So, this holiday season, make a pledge to rediscover the art of gifting something that would kindle environmental awareness, after all this is the planet we can call ‘home’.

There are many eco-friendly, unique gifting ideas that you can implement and bring cheer to this festive season. Given below are a list of probable, distinct gifting ideas that you can adapt.

  • Looking to gift some exclusive table-ware, kitchen-ware. Ditch the plastic and look for bio-degradable and eco-friendly options. For example, reusable mason jars instead of use-and-throw options. Mason jars come in beautiful colours and shapes and look trendy and stylish too. Reusable coffee mugs and silicone lids instead of the disposable coffee lids and straws are cool options too. They now come in different stylish designs and ranges, which make them very attractive.
  • There are also beautifully designed metal and glass multi-purpose containers, cutlery and water bottles which you and your friends can carry on-the-go. These are very good ways to reduce the disposables that pile up day-after-day.
  • How about portable solar chargers? These are quite the rage. There are some good options available online. You can check them out and buy something for your nature-loving friend.
  • Re-useable makeup wipes, kitchen towels etc., There are quite a few everyday items that we don’t even realize how wasteful they can be. If you’d like to go the eco-friendly season, there are pretty options available to safely and neatly clear your makeup or clean your kitchen.

Cut down on the plastics and disposables; it’s the time to feel good with reusables and recyclables. The above are some environmentally friendly options that you can adapt into your lifestyle, and also bring about environmental awareness. These are the innovations are possible only due to the advances we’ve made in science.